FUTURE TRIP — a story of a revolutionary change in the party industry.

It’s common knowledge that music events enthusiasts will surely follow the path of those promoters who can always manage to reinvent themselves, who can keep up with the technological evolution, those who can provide the best experience which individuals can remember as being one close to their hearts. We live in the era of progression and this is something that marks our lives undoubtedly, so it’s quite important to know how to evolve properly in order to fulfill the expectations.

Future Trip, as the name cleverly suggests, is a party brand that is carefully shaped by a team composed of promoters, marketing specialists, modern logistics enterprises, a group of talented and devoted people that aim to conquer the scene with their special setups, line-ups, locations, etc.

Another interesting thing about it is the way people can get tickets, “arrange” meetings with their favorite DJs, buy their merchandise, receive in some cases recorded sets. We are sure that most of you are already familiar with the NFT hype that got people’s attention in these recent times. Even though at first NFTs were mostly used in the gaming business, at the moment this commonality has expanded. You can buy paintings, houses, cars, almost anything you can think of, there are many investors in different industries that already followed this path.
Future Trip puts at disposal different NFT collections that gives the potential buyer the chance to pick what suits him better, from the basic benefits to the highest ones, a true VIP experience.

Anything you can think of, it is possible with Future Trip. It gives you the chance to experience different musical genres, in different locations with different setups and the way you can benefit of all those things is as simple as possible: purchase a NFT and attend the event without worrying about any future payments as you will get everything you chose right from the beginning.
This method is proven to be one of the most efficient, transparent and effective of all, you always know what you buy, you are the unique holder and it’s quite easy and beneficial for you.

It is quite important for each participant to know how Metaverse really works once they show an interest in the virtual events part. Based on the PARTY-TO-EARN system, each client can build up his own virtual event, he can choose a customized type of music, design the interior of his spot, etc. Once this first part is established, he might have people attending his virtual private event, the main purposes being to get rewarded in cash, raise engagement and climb up in ranking, get a certain recognition. The more visits your club gets, the more popular you will be among other Future Trip attendees.

On the NFT development part, we chose to work with ELROND, a public blockchain, designed to provide high-level services. The scope is to have access to a decentralized network that can provide the same or better performance when compared with centralized networks, while also providing users with high privacy.
Elrond is powered by EGLD coin, which is used to interact with applications, send transactions and so on. Specialists have good forecasts for ELROND, saying that it will reach 400$ by the end of 2022 and over 800 in 2023, these speculations being based on valuable statistics.

One of the first collaborative partners we teaming up with are AllTimeClubbing and database, both from Romania, with over 300 artists in their portfolio and over 10 years of experience in the event planning industry. We are sure that these goals represent a valuable criterion when it comes to choosing people we must work with in order to do a good job together.

Future Trip will always be about the client’s needs rather than for anything else. It’s quite important for us to introduce you from the start in our world, both physically and metaphorically speaking, it’s a ideal way to create a special bond, a true community that can make the right choices when it comes to their little moments of fun, disconnection from the real world, embracing life at fullest.




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